It’s Not About the Four Dollars, or: Let’s Stop Having the Wrong Argument

Great piece on the latest price hike and ongoing issues at WDW

Nerds in Wonderland

As you’ve likely heard by now (and likely heard ad nauseum), Walt Disney World pulled a fast one on the public this weekend, enacting across-the-board ticket price increases with no warning on all four of its Florida parks. This is the second price hike in less than twelve months, which in itself is unusual; the complete lack of notice also marks a departure from the company’s past behavior. On Twitter, at least, the increase has provoked a loud and spirited debate, with people generally falling into one of two camps: one incredulous bordering on outraged, the other indifferent to the change and/or openly hostile toward the former camp. (I realize I’m generalizing here, but let’s go with it.) Yes, it’s true that the average increase per ticket type was about $4, or roughly 4%. Yes, the price of everything goes up: milk, gas, condoms, cars, whatever. Yes, a Walt Disney…

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