I’m going to track my training for the runDISNEY Tower of Terror 10 Miler here. The race is October 5th at 10 PM. Starting and Ending at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The required pace is 16 minutes per mile and the runDisney trainer Jeff Galloway suggests 18 weeks to prepare. I’m starting now so I have an extra 6 or so weeks. Here is a link to the training program I’m using. runDisney

Each time I train I will input my distance and time. Once a week I will also add my weight, this way on race day you will have a good idea of if you should come out and cheer me on or come out and call an ambulance!

Wondering why I’m doing this? I’m in my mid 40’s and have not really been in shape since my early 20’s! I want to accomplish something really cool while I still have a hope of doing it, so I am training for this and then a half marathon. I’d love to do a marathon before I hit 50, but baby steps, right?

I’m also doing it for the bling!


I have got to have this medal!

If you would care to join me (I’ve already registered) click HERE!


So here we go!

Date       Distance    Total time    Average Pace    Weight    Notes

4/1/13    1.85 mi       34.11           18:46                  238          Pace needed 16:00

4/3/13    2.30 mi       42.39           18:31

It was more humid tonight but we managed to go almost a half mile further and cut 15 seconds off our pace.  No more running until the weekend, real life stuff tomorrow and Friday night.

4/9/13    2.10 mi       38.18           18:26

Wow humid night and run/walking with a minor injury.  I kicked the @#!&^ out of a table when I was barefoot (of course) and my little toe is sore as &@#%$^!!!! but after skipping the weekend to let it feel a little better its time to get back to it.

4/23/13  1.32 mi      27.30             20.49

So after having a mole removed from my back right at my waist I couldn’t run for 10 days.  We got back to it tonight but I’m still a bit sore so I did half the time and at a slower pace.  In just 2 weeks we have the Expedition Everest Challenge Family Edition runDisney event so I really have to step it up.

4/27/13   2.3 mi     43.08               18.33

Hot morning but we cant take weekend off anymore so we decided to get going in the morning for once.  My back is feeling a bit better but I’m still not moving as fast as I want to.

4/30/13  2.23 mi   44:50                 20:04

Not a great night but at least we got out.

5/2/13  2.18 mi  39.23                    18:04

We have the runDisney Everest Challenge Family Edition Saturday and have to head for Bay Lake Tower tomorrow so we cut things a bit short tonight.  On the upside we had our best pace to date.  Progress!

5/4/13  2.5 mi 1:09:41                     28:03

These times look horrible, but it was our FIRST runDisney event, the Expedition Everest Challenge Family Edition.  We were at Disney’s ESPN Complex and had a great time; even though it was raining on and off. The Challenge included a lot of running/Jogging and solving 8 puzzles in the scavenger hunt, it was such a good time!  Next year we will definitely do the evening 5K and scavenger hunt.

runDisney, CanDoItMom, ExpeditionEverest

Team Can Do It Mom

CanDoItMom, runDisney,

I did It!

Date     Dist                 Total       Pace

5/8/13  1.10 miles      18:28      17:21

Short on time tonight so a mini but intense walk/run  we did our best pace thus far.

5/27/13  2.10 miles      35:50     17:36

So crazy couple of weeks.  Right after the Everest Challenge we had a long weekend at Disney for the Opening Star Wars weekend.  We walked what seemed like a thousand miles in what felt like million degree heat with 110% humidity.  But we had an awesome time!  I finally managed to get some pictures from the TOP of the Tower of Terror!

IMG_9039 IMG_9285

6/5/2013  1.1 miles 17:25     17:10

7/16/2013 2.22 miles 42:29 18:41

So no training for over a month and added a minute and a half to my pace and I have not gotten over 2.5 miles and I am so deeply screwed.  For what its worth I am really going to kick it into high gear for the next 2.5 months but I am deeply and totally screwed.  I’m of course still showing up for the Tower but not getting swept will be so hard at this point.

7/17/2013 2.5 miles 47:53  19:21

Not a great night

7/24/2013  2.13 miles  38:05 17:54

8/5/2013  2.05 miles 34:04   17.04

This Friday I have the runDisney D2.3 mile fun run!!!  Wish me some SERIOUS luck.

8/9/2013  2.3 miles  33:30  15.09  runDisney D23 Expo fun run

8/11/2013 2.8 miles 48:00  17:15

8/25/2013 4.01 miles 1:09:11 17:55

8/27/2013 3.00 miles  53:03 17:52

10/5/2013 10.0 Miles 2:42:13 16:20  Tower of Terror 10 Miler I actually did it!  I’ll be writing a full post soon.

Stay Tuned!


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